hypnoquit stop smoking hypnosis fees

When selecting HypnoQuit® to help you to quit you will be getting more than a single ‘one size fits all’ hypnotherapy session.

A tailored to fit quit programme

Your HypnoQuit® Stop Smoking Programme will be tailored to fit with YOUR requirements and comprises the following:

It all begins with a telephone consultation where we explore your smoking habit and why you want to quit.

Your special day

We can then agree a date for your HypnoQuit appointment and I’ll then send you a pre-appointment questionnaire to complete and bring along to on that day.

On this you’ll identify your own reasons to quit and triggers that make you smoke, so as to ensure the HypnoQuit® procedure best fits your exact needs.

I’ll also explain exactly what I’ll need you to do in the run-up to your appointment, so that it will be the most powerful experience it can be for you.

During your HypnoQuit® session, we’ll carry out a detailed review of your smoking history.

I’ll also explain to you and show you how this powerful hypnotic procedure will help you to break free from any old triggers so as to ensure you will quit.

Then, during your personalised first HypnoQuit® appointment you will benefit from deep and powerful hypnotic techniques to enable you to rid yourself of the old habit of smoking and install positive reinforcement for the new, non-smoking you, focused specifically upon your reasons to quit and previous smoking triggers.

Easy to access follow-up if required

But that’s not all.

From the date of your first HypnoQuit® appointment you’ll have direct access to me by text, email or telephone if you feel the need to discuss anything related to your quitting smoking or vaping.

Experience has shown that the vast majority of smokers will happily and easily quit after this first session.

However, the programme provides for a further 60 minute appointment, at any time up to 12 months after the first appointment, in the unlikely event that something happens in your life which may prompt your smoking habit to return.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever require this (about 1 in 20 clients do), however, I’ll explain why this can sometimes happen, during your HypnoQuit® appointment.

One time fee – 12 month’s support

The fee for the full HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme is £265 and bookings can only be made by telephone once I have spoken to the smoker myself.

A small 20% deposit will be required to confirm your reserved appointment and the balance will be due, either by bank transfer, Square, PayPal or in cash on the day of the appointment & a full invoice/receipt will be provided for your records.

Make a payment

You can pay for your HypnoQuit stop smoking appointment either via PayPal using the link below or by direct bank payment.

If you wish to make a direct payment please contact me and I will provide you with full business banking details.

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