Stop smoking cannabis

Cannabis users are exposed to long-term health risks

Many people who smoke cannabis (or weed) are either unaware of, or choose to ignore the many known health risks.

Cannabis use can alter your mood and even the way your brain works. Sleep disturbance, depression, increased anxiety and aggression is often reported.

Unlike smoking tobacco, where the effects start to wear off soon after smoking, for some people, the negative effects of cannabis can continue for hours afterwards.

It’s also known to increase the chances of relapses for any pre-existing mental health issues, such schizophrenia.


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Cannabis isn’t *safer* than tobacco

Tobacco and cannabis share some of the same chemicals which means users can find they’ve made their asthma worse, or develop wheezing or breathing issues and it can even lead to lung cancer.


Accident rates increased

Mixing cannabis with alcohol can have particularly serious consequences; the accident rate is 16 times higher than for cannabis or alcohol alone.

A recent review of cannabis research published in the British Medical Journal found those driving under the influence of cannabis had nearly double the risk of a crash.


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