e-cigs are not as safe as you may believe

Many smokers feel that switching to e-cigs is *better* for them because they provide a more measured dose of nicotine without all the harmful other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

The reality, however, is somewhat different.

The mucus membranes found deep within your respiratory system are incredibly delicate and sensitive and easily prone to absorbing any chemicals or compounds that touch their surface.

That’s what they’re supposed to do, after all. They’re designed to act rather like the air filter in a car, to ensure only clear air passes though into the engine.

However, unlike your car’s air filter we can’t simply remove and replace our lungs every 10,000 miles.

Every drag on your e-cig will cause a thin film to be deposited on the surface of your lungs, reducing their ability to flow clean air through and into your body.

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Many challenges with e-cigarettes

Whilst the advertising literature issued by the producers of e-cigarettes would have users believe e-cigs are the perfect alternative to cigarettes, the reality is rather different.  From the consultations I’ve had with clients wishing to quit e-cigs the following issues have often been identified:

Many find the freedom to vape whenever they want means they are prone to vaping “on autopilot”, in a trance-like state, and they can often not realise what they’ve been doing until the unit runs out of liquid or the battery dies out.

They are afraid that, unlike cigarettes where the health issues are clearly know, the long-term effects of e-cigs are still unclear.

Many deny to themselves they still smoke cigarettes, however, if offered a cigarette when they’re out they’ll often say yes to it.

If they’ve run out of liquid or have a flat battery in their e-cigarette they’ll suffer from irritable feelings similar to as if they’d run out of their last packet of traditional cigarettes.

Sometimes they’ve used their e-cig as *proof* they’ve quit smoking, when in reality they are still desperately wanting to smoke and will take advantage of any offered cigarettes, or even buy a packet when they think people aren’t watching them.

Some would pretend to themselves, to try to convince themselves that they’ve stopped tobacco smoking, when in certain company, or on specific occasions they’ll all to readily have a sneaky puff on one when offered tobacco!

Many held onto worries that if they were to try to quit e-cigs for good and stop vaping that they will be drawn back to smoking tobacco again.

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Lupus sufferers beware

Research has also shown that sufferers of lupus, those with a weakened immune system are more likely to develop problems with their respiratory system if they use e-cigs.

Reinforces your lack of willpower

Another interesting side-effect of using e-cigs for a long time is that it can reinforce the user’s belief that they’re aren’t *strong enough* or have enough willpower to be able to quit smoking totally. It’s as if you’ve made a deal with the devil to let you stay an e-cig user because you couldn’t quit for good.  

HypnoQuit® deals with ALL of these issues

Every day that you’re a non-smoker will mean your body has more time to regenerate new tissue and carry out the process of cleaning itself, so don’t delay contact us today so you can find out more about this amazing procedure.

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