Unique Methods

Why choose the Peterborough Stop Smoking Clinic?


1. Unique HypnoQuit® Stop Smoking Programme

We use the HypnoQuit® Stop Smoking Programme which incorporates the most recent developments and understandings in how the mind works and how it is possible to create permanent change, fast.


2. Stop Smoking Specialist

Since first commencing my studies in psychology, hypnosis & how the mind works over twenty years ago I have had the pleasure of helping many hundreds of clients to overcome a variety of challenges, however, my specialism has always been Stop Smoking.  I love being able to help people to break free from a habit that’s been hanging around them. 


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3. A personalised approach, not a one-size-fits-all policy

From researching across a wide range of methods I have identified that it’s essential to focus upon you and the reasons you smoke, so we’ll explore all the old habits, reasons & triggers you’ve had in the past, so we can ensure they are all extenguished, in effect stubbed-out for good.


4. Professional premises

I see all my clients at the Crawthorne Therapy Rooms in central Peterborough.  These premises are used only by accredited therapists for, so you won’t be bothered by pets, the television or other family members chatting in other rooms, something which occurs all too frequently when clients see therapists who work just from their own homes.

Please note that under some circumstances and when necessary I can travel to you or a mutually agreed location for your HypnoQuit® appointment – contact me if you feel this might be easier for you.


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5. Quick, stress-free and effective

When you book your HypnoQuit® appointment this will be scheduled for two hours. In addition you’ll be entitled to up to three further HypnoQuit® follow-up appointments during the subsequent two years, if you were to re-start smoking.

This is unrelated to the effectiveness of the HypnoQuit® programme but is because experience has shown that some clients (very few in fact) have quit and then due to something happening in their lives, that they’ve started smoking again. By including the additional session I’ve found this takes away the ‘stress of having to quit’ that some clients feel, so everything happens in an even more relaxed fashion for you.


6. Private and confidential

I’m used to dealing with people who wish to keep their attendance out of the public’s eye. Sometimes clients have told people they’ve quit but were still smoking in private and the location of my consulting rooms means you can feel confident you won’t be noticed when arriving or departing.


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HypnoQuit® truly is the modern way to quit smoking cigarettes, tobacco, cannabis and e-sigs and so if you’d like to find out more, contact me today.